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Interview with sook ko : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. sook ko : I believe that good design is a universal language which is easily accessible and communicable in daily lives. Thus, I'm interested in observing mundane objects, experimenting with silly but fun ideas that pop up in the process and, eventually, bringing cool facts of life to design. .Frank Scott: What are your future plans for this award winning design?. sook ko : I'm going to start graduate school next spring .Frank Scott: Why did you design this particular concept? Was this design commissioned or did you decide to pursuit an inspiration?. sook ko : When I was young, I saw a little pretty bird on the mountain. The bird quickly flew away, leaving only sound behind. I looked up in the sky to find the bird, but all I could see was tree branches and forest. The bird kept on singing, but I had no idea where it was. I had no other choice than to mimic the sound of the bird and ask my dad the name of the bird. My dad used to tell me which bird it was. From very young, bird was the tree branches and big forest to me. This experience made me to visualize the sound of birds like forest. .Frank Scott: Is your design being produced or used by another company, or do you plan to sell or lease the production rights or do you intent to produce your work yourself?. sook ko : I intent to produce my work myself. .Frank Scott: Who is the target customer for his design?. sook ko : People who have a hard time to do their works, People who want to relax and unwind, People who want to feel nature but don't have enough time. .Frank Scott: Which design tools did you use when you were working on this project?. sook ko : I used Adobe programs. .Frank Scott: What is the most unique aspect of your design?. sook ko : I think it is uniqe because This map can help you to find a particular bird you want according to location and season. Moreover, when you choose the specific bird, people can unwind as appreciating the sound mandala they choose. .Frank Scott: Is your design influenced by data or analytical research in any way? What kind of research did you conduct for making this design?. sook ko : I had to research almost 300 kinds of birds in South Korea to select sixteen birds. After, I researched global newspapers in order to visualize sounds. According to an article ‘The amazing images that let us 'see' music (and could even help us communicate with dolphins)’ from the Daily Mail, UK on Jan. 30. 2013, with the machine called ‘Cymascope,’ sound can be transformed into image and find out the sound of each scale. The image resembles snowflake. The scale images and video is provided for free on the cymascope website. Using this, I have made the center mandala, and for those with more than two scales, I have combined the mandala of each scale. Thanks to look into this, I could find a clue to visulize the sound! .

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